How to find a rich husband?
14.02.2023 12:29
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A wealthy patron and a wealthy husband are different weight categories. With a secured "daddy," the girl acts as a kept woman and it is much easier to find a wealthy patron than to find a husband. Moreover, dating sites are full of ads - "I am looking for a kept woman."

It is quite possible that the role of spectacular kept woman suits for many young persons, but if your goal is the perfect husband, you will have to make an effort.

External image. Before starting the hunt for the future spouse, work on your appearance, this will give you self-confidence:

        ● bring your body to a perfect condition;

        ● refresh your hairstyle;

        ● remember the rules of etiquette;

        ● replenish your wardrobe with trendy items;

Remember, spectacular appearance is a good bait for «goldfish», but your charisma, intelligence and sense of humour will be your hook.

Places where you can meet a promising husband:

        ● Premium fitness clubs. You should not count on a meeting with a billionaire, he has his own fitness club at home, but it is quite possible to get acquainted with a rather wealthy guy in an elite sports club.

        ● Expensive resorts. Miami beaches, Monaco and Nice are the priority. To look for a rich husband, go there with an arsenal of swimming costumes and a wide-brimmed hat for a romantic look.

        ● Presentations of expensive cars. A win-win option, but do not forget to tighten up your knowledge of the car industry. Remember the “hook”.

        ● Marriage agencies. Oligarchs, as a rule, have a shortage of time, so they trust the search for a promising life partner to professional matchmakers. Experiment by placing an application with several marriage agencies. Even if there is a cost, the investment is worth it.

How to distinguish a «show-off» man and a really rich man?

The image of the wealthy man is discreet, highlighted by his shoes and watch. Here they are always expensive and impeccable. And do not forget to pay attention to the perfume.

Manicure. A "show-off" man simply will not think to tidy his hands; in his opinion, arather expensive suit and a good copy of premium accessories are enough. But a really successful guy is distinguished by well-groomed hands and a fresh manicure.

Hobbies. A wealthy man has an expensive hobby - scuba diving azure shores several times a year or collecting premium watches. You should not have any trouble finding that out after 1 or 2 meetings.

Have a good hunting!