Style of clothing for escorts
15.02.2023 10:42
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Clothes should work for you: Professor Adam Galinsky has proven that a person's abilities depend on what they are wearing. This fact applies directly to escorts.

The professional model shines, charms and attracts looks. For this, the right style of clothing comes to the rescue. The wardrobe of experienced escort women can be compared in size to a small apartment, where one room is occupied by clothes, and another one– by shoes and accessories. Why so many outfits? The specifics of the job dictate that the girls must match the level and status of the man at any event - from a yacht trip to a business luncheon. Even if the meeting is sexy, you should be dressed to perfection.

So let's figure out what clothes should bepresent in an escort's wardrobe and how to make it work for you.

Soft flowing pastel-coloured cocktail dresses. The epitome of femininity that men who spend 18 hours a day in a world of dress codes and business women wearing business suits lack.

Evening dresses. This is a separate category of clothing that occupies a significant part of the wardrobe of true leisure fairies. Bright, black, sassy, sophisticated - the outfit must be ready to go to any event - from a casual dinner at a restaurant to a film festival in Cannes.

Beach style. An arsenal of swimwear will be needed for a spectacular escort to the azure shores. The twist is that when you see an escort model, everyone will admire her but never identify the profession of the girl. There is no hint of vulgarity, so closed stylish swimwear is a priority. And of course, the "icing on the cake" is a wide-brimmed straw hat and sunglasses to complete the look.

A sports wardrobe. Among the clients of escort services, there are extreme people and lovers of active lifestyles. A girl needs to be ready at any moment to an escorting on a safari or a parachute jump. To avoid wasting time shopping before a trip, you should always have comfortable shoes and sportswear designed for summer and winter in your wardrobe.

Sexy lingerie is one of the most important components of the wardrobe of professional escort women. Even if it does not come to intimacy, lingerie should be expensive and of high quality.