How much can you earn in escort service
08.02.2023 12:40
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​To find out the amount of income in the escorting, let's turn to figures from statistics based on a survey of escort girls.

Young aspiring models have the highest salaries. They are in high demand for men, provided they meet the expectations of customers:

- sexy and not complexed

- slender

- gorgeous andbeautifully maintained

- cultured and erudite

With this set of qualities, a girl can earn from 20 000 dollars per month. The amount is inclusive of the agency fee, but without tips or bonuses.Everything here is individual.If the client appreciated his female companion, the tip reaches up to a month's income.In addition, gifts from happy customers - sums of money or jewelry.If we summarize all income and expenses, then an impressive figure of 30 000 dollars is obtained. From 30 000 to 100 000 dollars.

The main income of escort women with experience is from regular clients.Based on a survey of "older" girls, we conclude that their average monthly earnings are about 25 000 dollars without tips.And again, adding gifts and generous bonuses, it comes out to about 35 000 to 50 000 dollars a month.

The aged category of escort women earns less, but the level of income depends on experience, appearance, and client base.Women in their 30s do not leave the profession completely, but already devote less time to it.Some have their own businesses, others have families. For these employees, escorting becomes a fascinating hobby, bringing in about 20 000 dollars a month.

All figures are approximate, personal income may be different for various reasons, but the conclusion is obvious - escort models receive high fees and generous tips.