Anonymity on the Internet.
17.01.2023 11:32
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The issue of anonymity on the Internet is now very relevant. It is not only porn lovers who are at risk, but all Internet users. The Internet has one disadvantage - it allows a person to be tracked by his or her actions.

So how can you keep the Internet secure? It is impossible to fully achieve anonymity on the Internet, but there are several general basic recommendations that will reduce the risk of hacking personal data:

1. Use disposable e-mail addresses to register on websites, online shops and online forums.

2. Remove all personal information from your e-mail account.

3. Use anonymous search engines. For example, DuckDuckGo or StartPage are suitable.

4. Use password manager to keep all passwords protected. Never use the same password for accounts on the network. If one account is hacked, everything will be at risk. Remember, in this case, it will not save even an easy adjustment of passwords. All passwords must be radically different.

5. Install a browser extension that protects your personal information.

These guidelines reduce, but do not eliminate, the possibility of hacking. If you are aiming for complete anonymity online, it is worth checking out advanced techniques to combat online scams or seeking professional help.