A relationship or an escort work? Is there a choice?
08.02.2023 12:10
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Work OR family? Work AND family?

Such a choice often faces the girls from the escort.

According to moral and ethical ideas, it is impossible to combine serious relations with a man and work in an escort.But there are exceptions to the rule: some escort women have a permanent relationship, get married and continue to build careers in the escort industry.

When it is possible to combine a career in escorting with a personal relationship:

Your permanent life partner is polyamorous and allows intimate relationswith more than one partner.Here, we do not confuse polyamory with a free relationship, which we will talk about in the next paragraph of this article.In polyamorous relationships, sexual intercourse is allowed, but at the heartthis is based on mental affection.As a rule, polyamorous men are not jealous, so a girl who has such a partner may well work as an escort.

Loose relationships. This is precisely about sex, if the couple has an agreement on an open relationship on the side, questions about work disappear.

When a choice has tobe made:

In monogamous relationships. Here is a choice - work in escort or family.

However, family does not mean a bold cross for escorts.There are examples of girls who fell in love, got married, had children, but for various reasons continued to work as escorts.Some girls would return for a while, viewingthe escort as a light, dizzying affair with adventures.To maintain a happy family life, sometimes both partners need a reset.

It is important to prioritize properlyand follow your goals, avoiding the temptations and pitfalls along the way.