Why it is better to work through an escort agency?
07.02.2023 17:05
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For a successful debut into the profession, an aspiring escort girl has to maketheright choice - "free floating" or working through an escort agency?

Our advice is to start in the adult industry only through a proven agency with a good reputation, otherwise there is a risk of being in a brothel.

What privileges the service intermediary gives:

1. Safe work. Escort agencies ensure the safety of their female employees. All clients are thoroughly checked before the contract is concluded.

2. A client base that has been built up. The girl does not waste time looking for partners.

3. Credit. Serious escort agencies are ready to give worthy applicants a loan for travel, accommodation and expenses for the first time.

4. Personal driver. The girls may be accompanied by an agency driver to meetings with clients.

5. Medical care. The employer provides health insurance for the female workers. It is compulsory for escort girls to have a full medical examination systematically; all other options are included in the insurance at the request of the escort girls.

6. Care for appearance.The agencies engage professional stylists, make-up artists, photographers.

7. Education and language learning. Many employers are willing to invest money in the development of female employees on individual terms.

Yes, all services provided have their prices - some percentage of your personal earnings will go to the agency.

The agency vacancies can be found here (link to the vacancy section on the site)