TOP 5 movies about escort services.
18.01.2023 10:55
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Would you like to spend an evening under the warm blanket watching an entertainingmovie?

Then feel free to take a look at our selection of adult films! 5 erotic escort movies with a twist that won't leave the most avid moviegoers indifferent

No.1 TV Series “Gold Diggers” (Original title: “Soderzhanki”), released in 2019

Over the course of 3 seasons, viewers have been watching the lives of elite kept women.Each of them has a difficult fate. They share the same desire for the glamorous world of high life and luxurious men, where there is a lot of money, diamonds are shimmering and black caviar with expensive champagne is served for breakfast.They choose a thorny and risky path to this luxury.
A suspenseful erotic thriller with intertwining sex scenes and dangerous intrigue that will keep you engaged for all 3 seasons.

No.2 TV Series“Zhiznpovyzovu”,released in 2022

The story centers on an elite escort agency and its owner, the brutal Alexander Schmidt, nicknamed Magic.Schmidt has it all: a successful business, a dedicated team, posh escort girls, high-class VIP clients.But all of a sudden,a bloody manhunt is announced for Magic, with not only his million-dollar business and reputation as a hero, but also his daughter's life is at stake. Who is behind this life-or-death harassment - an abused woman, a competitor or a close friend?

No.3 “Dziewczyny z Dubaju”, released in 2021

A determined young woman, Emi dreams of an expensive, luxurious life.This desire leads her to an elite escort.Emi's success and ambition push her to do rash things.The escort woman receives an offer from the Arab Sheikh to recruit elite model girls and go on an erotic journey with them.In accepting the offer, Emi fails to realize that the luxurious life has a dark and dangerous side.How will this experience turn out for the girl and her charges? The movie keeps viewers in languid suspense until the final minutes.

No.4 “Buy Me” (Original title: “Kupimenya”), released in 2017

The diligent graduate of the Faculty of PhilologyKatya receivesa grand to study the Paris archives, but the craving for thrills and the passion to try another life taste change the plans of a talented girl.She finds herself in an elite brothel in the Arab Emirates, where she meets an experienced escort woman.A new friend shows Katya the world of the kept woman from the inside, full of luxury, easy money and erotic adventures. To find out where the cynical experiment of the heroines of the movie lead them to, watch the action-packed melodrama "Buy Me."

No.5 “Lyubiikhvseh”, released in 2019

An atypical kept woman with an acting talent reincarnates for the next man.She changes not only the image, but also the name. For her, a man is a new project, for the implementation of which she prepares in advance, thinking through every detail of her plan.But behind the cynical behavior hidesa woman'swounded soul that wants to love and be loved.