The 5 rules of a good customer.
18.01.2023 11:05
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The clients of an elite escort agency can be divided into the main types: businessmen, oligarchs, officials and middle managers.The ideal client does not always belong to a certain type, but he is distinguished by 5 unspoken features:

1. A good client pays for the escort service in advance. Advance payment is encouraged in the escort industry.There is a rule that regular clients of escort services are familiar with - you cannot touch a girl without paying for her services, even if intimacy is not expected on the date.

2. A good client pays for a meeting, not for sex.Unlike prostitutes who sell their bodies, escort women rent out appearance, intelligence and charm.Regular clients of escort agencies understand this. Even if sex is the main reason for the meeting, the man will never advertise it.

3. A good customer is an attentive man. Meeting a client and an escort representative is a transaction where both sides remain satisfied.Even after paying a fee for the service, a good client will not drop the girl out of the car at night. As a last resort, he will call her a taxi.

4. A good client is a regular partner. A client who prefers the same escort agency is a good customer.A client who prefers the same girl is a great partner.

5. A good client discusses, not forces. Men with individual intimate preferences are not uncommon among clients of escort agencies. But a good client always discusses the possibility of satisfying his desires in advance, rather than putting it in front of him at the moment of lovemaking.