Pseudonym in work, "separation of personalities"
15.02.2023 12:14
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Masha or Sabrina? Lika or Angelica?

A name is part of our image; by trying on another name, we change into a new life, we put on a mask of another subconscious. At the same time, a working pseudonymis able to open up new promising opportunities.

In the escort industry, it is popular to use a sonorous name, but not all employees use this opportunity. Why?

The opinions of the escort employees are divided – some of them prefers to leave a real name for clients, and someones come up with a pseudonym for themselves and create an image that correspond to the chosen names.

When the girls use a pseudonym in their work:

● to remain incognito;

● not happy with their own names, a pseudonym is an excellent opportunity to rectify the situation;

● to create an enigmatic image, such as the incomparable Angelica, queen of thieves, or Diana, goddess of the hunt. When a man hears the name of his future companion, he associates it with a certain image and the girl should not disappoint him.

● when an escort model clearly separates the boundaries of work and private life. In escorting, she is the femme fatale Adele and in daily life, she is the lovely girl next door Anny.

When escort women use their real names:

● the girl spends almost all her time at work and prefers to hear her native familiar name;

● when a client becomes a regular and the relationship stretches over the years, hiding your real name makes no sense.

Taking a pseudonym or working under their real names is a personal matter for escort women. There is no compulsory requirement to invent new names for escorts, rather it is a "gimmick" that helps and sets the girls up for success at the very beginning of their career.