Preparing for the Tour.
17.01.2023 15:09
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Or Escort abroad - what you need to know.

The work of professional escort women is not limited to the borders of Russia. Girls from escort can earn high fees anywhere in the world.

To this end, the functionality of the site where model questionnaires are posted has been improved. The temporary location change function allows the questionnaire to be displayed where its owner is located.

So, if the girl decided to temporarily or permanently move to another country, we will consider which destinations to choose for the Tour in our article.

On a side note, be sure to familiarise yourself with the political situation in the country before you travel, so that the tour does not turn into an unpleasant surprise.


The standard of living in this hospitable country will appeal to the Russian soul. Scandinavians are not stingy with pleasures. Beautiful girls here are always in demand and receive high fees for their services.


Suave and wealthy Englishmen are willing to pay impressive sums for the spectacular company of a gorgeous and mannerly girl. The work in England will bring the escorts a good income.


One of the richest countries in the world with a huge number of wealthy men. However, if you decide to consider Norway as a place to work - consider an expensive standard of living and high prices.


France is the land of love. But it is worth bearing in mind the high level of competition when planning an escort tour to this destination.


A win-win situation, where Russian girls are loved and appreciated.


Bright loving and courteous Italians value women's society and pleasant communication. Russian girls are especially in demand here, so the escort woman will not have a shortage with clients.

And in conclusion - countries where Russian girls should definitely not plan Tours:

Cyprus is a big risk of ending up in a brothel.

Greece is a poor country where they pay a penny for work.

Mexico is a dangerous destination where crime is developing at an incredible rate.