Is the escort just a bed?
18.01.2023 11:43
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A man's psychology is a plain and simple world. When a man wants sex, he goes to a prostitute, pays money and gets sex from her. When a man wants real pleasure with romantic foreplay and fireworks of vivid emotions, or when he needs a sophisticated companion, he goes to an escort.

Each escort woman’s contract has individual terms and conditions. Some provide for an intimate relationship, some do not. But the main purpose of the meeting is not the sex, but the escort and the fulfilment of all the clauses of the contract.

Consider the types of escort services where intimacy and sex take not the first place.

Escort to a high-end event

A man is invited to a VIP event where attendance without a companion is a mauvais ton. In this case, the man enlists the help of a professional escort agency and chooses a spectacularly educated girl to accompany him. The most difficult task on the way to a contract is to choose a companion from an abundance of gorgeous women.

Accompanying to business negotiations

The second type of escort is an escort to a business negotiation. Here, the escort's task is not only to decorate the evening, but also to attract or divert the attention of the partners.
In both versions of escort services, intimate communication is possible by mutual agreement, but spectacular accompaniment is a priority.

It is safe to say that escorting is not just about bedding. The very definition of escort services sounds like escorting and providing services for the mutual benefit of the partners.​