How to select a location for working? Renting or owning your own accommodation?
15.02.2023 13:35
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Suppose you decided to engage in escort, made a high-quality portfolio, decided on the format of the work - agency or self-employment, placed advertisements for your services and are waiting for the first clients. This raises the question of where to hold meetings - at the client's place, on your territory or in a rented apartment. It is not always possible at the client's place, so you need to make provisions for a location for the dates.

In the beginning, you can use your own apartment for spending time with your partner, but it is important to understand the disadvantages of this solution:

● You will be deprived of personal space. A girl should be prepared for the fact that her accommodation will turn into a hotel room with constantly changing guests.

● There will be no opportunity for confidentiality. 

● It is very difficult to combine meetings on your own territory with your personal security.

It is better to use your living space for meetings only at the first stages of the work process. As soon as you start earning money, invest in the development of your client base and renting separate apartments for working meetings. For a man, a comfortable atmosphere is important; it is unlikely that he will be very pleased after meetingin a small apartment with lots of women's knickknacks.

In order to save money, you can rent a flat for a dating in half with a colleague or team up with two people, the main thing is to arrange a schedule to avoid overlaps. It is in your best interest to have an accommodation from the category of elite apartments - with all the amenities and bells and whistles, preferably in a prestigious district of the city. This will increase your rating and attract more customers.

Remember that we count on wealthy men accustomed to comfort. In order for a client to become a regular, you need to provide him with a decent encounter, only then he will return to you again.