How to get a business visa in the United States?
15.02.2023 10:59
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Go ahead, for the American Dream! A lot of girls really dream of working in the USA. The States are one of the most interesting, but at the same time labor-intensive areas for escort women. The main obstacle is getting a visa.

There are several options for resolving documentary issues: 

1.    A Green Card, which allows you to live officially in the United States for 10 years.

How you can obtain a Green Card:

● to marry a USA citizen.

● to get an invitation from your employer and apply for a business visa.

● to reunite with your family members - suitable for those who have relatives in America.

2.    Business visa. To apply for a business visa in the United States you must:

● find a vacancy in America;

● to conclude a contract with the employer;

● the employer must obtain a working permit for the foreign employee in the USA

● then, you need to go with that permit to the embassy and apply for the visa; the decision about the visa issuance will depend on your interview at the embassy.

Another option for girls to consider for a temporary part-time job in America:

3.    A tourist visa. This type of visa is much easier to obtain, although you will have to make an effort here as well. A short-stay visa provides you with a good opportunity for part-time job. With this visa, you can get a job as a partner with an experienced and officially resident escort woman. These professional escort women often look for young female assistants to share their clients for whom they do not have enough time. The most important thing is to be sure that the partner you want to work with is trust worthy, otherwise there is the risk of running into a scammer. The ideal way is to use recommendations from girls who have similar experience.

Returning to the documents, consider which documents will be required to obtain a tourist visa:

● travel passport (preferably with Schengen visas).

● statement of employment  (position, income, vacation dates).

● an invitation from the American side - this can be a confirmation of a tour trip or a voucher from the hotel.

Good luck on your way to your dream! If you have the will, you can overcome all difficulties.