How do you meet a client? How do you get them to come back?
07.02.2023 18:16
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"You will not have a second chance to make a first impression" – Coco Chanel's winged phrase reveals the subject of our article.

A professional escort model always prepares carefully for her first meeting with a client. Her goal is not a one-time date, but a regular long-term relationship on a commercial basis.

Today we will talk about how to prepare for a meeting with a promising client and arouse his desire to return.

Image. Your client must have come to you from the business world, where a strict dress code and women in grey business suits rule.Be to him the complete opposite - the embodiment of classical femininity.Wear a light cocktail dress with a pastel tone or a fun floral print, no extreme minis and plunging necklines.Nor is it necessary to meet a client straight away in lingerie or a sexy negligee, men love a mystery.Give him a chance to fantasize. You can put on some cheeky lingerie under a modest dress for a striking effect.

Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes before the meeting. Even if you really want to relax before your date and have a drink, do not do it.The most you can allow yourself is to take a sip of wine if the client offers it himself.Avoid the temptation of smoking a cigarette.Here is the advice for smokers - switch toIQOS or electronic cigarettes.The smell of tobacco smoke will definitely not add charm to you, and in the worst case, it will alienate a non-smoking man.

The location for the meeting. If you are meeting on your own property, consider the atmosphere. Scented candles and rose petals on the bed are certainly too much, but pleasant lighting, beautiful linens, fruit and champagne are quite appropriate for the entourage.

Improvisation. Do not expect the first steps from a man. Start improvising yourself - offer a relaxing massage or private dance.

Good luck, girls! Let your intuition and our recommendations help in conquering men's hearts and wallets.