Escort services in Germany
15.02.2023 13:33
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Let's start with an important moment - if you are planning an escort tour or permanent move to Germany, you will need knowledge of the German language. Without it, do not expect to earn high wages. You can still make money, but much less.

Otherwise, the German destination for escort has mainly advantages.

Laws in Germany allow the official employment of models in escort agencies. This is not surprising, even prostitution is officially allowed here and taxed like other spheres of business. In addition, a woman at the legislative level can sue a client who hasbehaved inappropriatelyor offended her. Of course, this point applies more to girls who are officially residents and employees in the country.

German movies for adults suggest the idea of ​reigning debauchery in the country, but this is an erroneous opinion.The Germans are quite restrained in their desires.It is not uncommon for an escort to take place without intimacy. In general, there are two areas of escort services in Germany: "working" escorts and "pure" escorts. The term "working" refers to escorts with intimacy. But the "pure" escort is only an escort to events, without sexual pleasures, intimate communication here occurs only at the request of both parties. You can make more money as "pure" escorts, but as we said at the beginning of the article, you need to be proficient in German; otherwise, you only have "working" meetings to satisfy carnal needs in the long run. If you have plans to work as a high-end escort, you should take a language course immediately.

The earnings of escorts in Germany are estimated to be above average, provided they can speak the language. For example, an escort in Hamburg can earn from 15, 000 euros per week.