Cryptocurrencies - how are they being used? How to open a wallet?
15.02.2023 13:22
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Cryptocurrency is digital money that is used more for saving and investing. Another undeniable advantage of cryptocurrency is the possibility of using it for securemutual settlements.

Cryptocurrency is increasingly gaining in popularity, and now can be used for payments at Microsoft, Subway, PayPal and other well-known companies. Virtual money can be exchanged for dollars or euros.

Which cryptocurrency to choose?

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023 are:

1.    Bitcoin is the most expensive electronic currencyat the moment. According to experts, Bitcoin will break its 2022 records in 2023.

2.    Ethereum is a worthy competitor to Bitcoin in 2023.

3.    Ripple - ranked3rdposition among cryptocurrencies due to its speed of operation.

If you have decided on the type of cryptocurrency, then it is time to create an online wallet with which you will receive, send and store cryptocurrency, or rather the keys to it. The main thing when creating a wallet is to choose a reliable service in order to secure your savings.

How to exchange virtual money for fiat (real) money and pay with cryptocurrency?

There are 3 main methods:

● Cryptocurrency bank card - for ATM payments or cash withdrawals.

● Cryptocurrency exchangers. These are electronic services where you can exchange digital money for fiat (real) money. For example, you can use - a rapidly developing resource, well suited for novice users - an easy exchange system.

● Cryptocurrencystock exchanges. This option is more suitable for advanced traders. Transactions on stockex changes are between individuals, whereas at exchangers currency is bought from legal entities. But the prices on stockex changes can also be more profitable.

The cryptocurrency market is under development, the exchange rate is unstable, prices are constantly changing. But if you are determined to immerse yourself in the world of electronic money, then be sure to learn more about this subject.

We suggest you start by reading the fascinating book “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money” by
Nathaniel Popper.