A romantic evening with a girl - 5 rules.
16.01.2023 17:30
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Or came, saw, seduced!

When a man plans a romantic dinner, he expects a satisfying finale - a passionate night of love. And it doesn't matter whether his companion is a new acquaintance, an escort model or a potential bride.

Ideas for a date or rules of behavior at a romantic meeting you will easily find on the Internet. And we have prepared detailed instructions for intimate foreplay.

5 useful tricks which will make your woman’s heart beating:

1. Choosing the right place for a meeting. We immediately reject nightclubs and restaurants with large seating capacity. The hero of the evening is only you, so do not create unnecessary competition for yourself. Find a place where no one will prevent your gastronomic introduction to the love games.

2. The menu for the evening. Remember that the purpose of a date is for intimate pleasures, and that a light body and fresh breath are conducive to sexual pleasures. Choose only low-calorie delicacies as an appetiser.

3. Prolonged visual contact. Open eye-to-eye contact provokes agitation and excitement. This is due to the production of the hormone adrenaline. Take advantage of this helpful trick, and by the end of the evening, you will physically feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

4. Intimate topics of communication bring you closer together. Do not be shy about asking candid questions. Even if the girl is confused by the depth of the questions at first, as the evening progresses she will start to open up, which will give a better chance of bonding.

5. Light tactile contact. So, under the onslaught of your charm and our recommendations, the girl has relaxed. And here is the final chord - a light, teasing, barely perceptible touch on the exposed part of her body. Tense your eyesight at this moment and you will see goosebumps of pleasure on her skin. This is victory!

Immediately ask for the bill and go forward to mutual enjoyment!